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theLotter Texas is revolutionizing the way Texans play the lottery and the Lone Star State is taking notice. You may have already seen our site mentioned in local news outlets such as KXAN, The Dallas Morning News, and Austin American-Statesman, as well as global news sites including USA Today and Yahoo Finance. Check back on this page often for information on our most recent jackpot winners, latest news, and updates. You'll also find reviews, interviews, and reporting on our service from the Texas press.

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Interview with Cash Five Jackpot Winner Robert Buffington

Robert Buffington opens up about what he plans to do with his $25,000 jackpot and explains why he prefers playing online with theLotter Texas.

Texans Are Now Playing & Winning the Lottery Online

KXAN Studio 512 reviews theLotter Texas and reports on the various ways that the service lets Texans play the lottery online.

Texans Can Now Purchase Their Lottery Tickets Online

The ladies from KXAN Studio 512 interview Peggy Leah Daniel from theLotter Texas on how the site is changing the ways Texans play the lottery.

theLotter Texas top stories

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Here’s Why You Should Play Texas Lotteries Online

We’ve made it incredibly easy to play lotteries. Residents of Texas don’t even need to leave their homes because they can purchase their official lottery tickets online!

theLotter Texas's Online Lottery Winners

theLotter Texas had produced millionaires, jackpot winners, and hundreds of thousands of winning tickets. Come check out our luckiest players!

Biggest Texas Lottery Jackpot Winners

Texans have scored huge lottery jackpot wins by playing Powerball, Mega Millions, and popular state game Lotto Texas. The next big winner could be you, online!

Your One-Stop Mega Millions Guide

Our round-up of the most important information you need to know, from rules to odds to prizes. This Mega Millions guide will make you an expert!

Your Complete Guide to Navigating Pick Lotteries 

Learn how to master both Texas Pick 3 and Daily 4 online with theLotter Texas! Discover bet types, wager info, draw times and more! 

Your Ultimate Mega Millions Megaplier Ticket Add-On Guide

Confused about Mega Millions's Megaplier multiplier? Don't be! Read our guide for this ticket-on so that you'll be able to judge for yourself whether it's really worth the extra cost.

What Are Your Odds of Winning the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Put your thinking caps because class in session! Our comprehensive guide to Mega Millions odds will help you calculate all the different odds of winning this top multi-state lottery.

Top 10 Biggest Mega Millions Jackpots of All Time

Take a trip through the top ten biggest jackpots of all time from the incredible multi-state lottery that can't stop breaking records. The only question is when will the next record jackpot be won.

All the Best Mega Millions History, Trivia, and Fun Facts

How much do you really know about this popular, blockbuster lottery? Put your Mega Millions to the test and see how many of these great fun facts you already knew and how many you did not.

Interesting Facts about Powerball in Texas

The truth about Powerball's jackpot's size; how the Texas Lottery celebrated its 21st anniversary; when did Texans start playing the game; and many more fun Powerball facts!

What Are the Most Common Powerball Numbers?

Although the numbers in Powerball are drawn randomly, some numbers seem to come up more often than others. Which ones are they, and will they be drawn again?

What Are the Odds of Winning Powerball?

Do you want to know your chances of winning a Powerball prize? You've come to the right place! Discover how Powerball odds are calculated and how you can try your luck beating them online at theLotter Texas.

How to Boost Your Prizes With Power Play

Powerball's Power Play multiplier will make your non-jackpot winnings even more exciting! See how it works, how much more you'll win, and how to use it when you play online.

Tips That Will Help You Win a Texas Lottery Game

Playing the lottery is simple but winning the game is difficult, no matter how you play. Hopefully our tips will give you an edge and help you win a huge lottery jackpot!

Can You Stay Anonymous After Winning the Lottery in Texas?

In the past, identifying details of the Texas Lottery's biggest winners were always made public, but today if you win $1 million or more, you can retain your privacy.

Simple Texas Lottery Tax Explainer

Maximize your wins with our helpful explainer on how state and federal taxes impact lottery wins, which forms need to be filled out, and how citizenship impacts your tax bill.

Which Lottery Gives You the Best Chances of Winning?

Which Texas lottery has the best jackpot odds? What Texas lotto has the best lottery odds? What game can you play for the best chance of winning lottery prizes? Read and find out!

Hottest Mega Millions Numbers

Want to play the most common Mega Millions numbers? Or maybe you'd like to play the least common ones? Either way, we've got all the stats right here!

Top 6 Best Texas Lottery Commercials

Get into the lottery mood with some of our favorite Texas Lottery commercials! This collection of funny, touching, and catchy ads is sure to bring back some old memories.

What Comes After Winning: Show Me the Money!

After you win the lottery in Texas, how long will it take until you receive your prize? What do you have to do to claim your prizes? What about when you play online? Here are all the answers!