The Most Common Mega Millions Numbers

Updated June 2023

With jackpots that regularly reach past the billions, it's not surprising that Mega Millions is so popular in Texas. When it comes to playing Mega Millions, there are all sorts of different ways people like to pick their numbers. Some people choose numbers for symbolic reasons, such as important family birthdays or anniversaries. Others believe that playing the hottest or coldest numbers of a lottery will help them beat the odds. But what exactly are hot and cold numbers, and is there really any logic behind playing them?

Read on for our full breakdown of the most common Mega Millions numbers and whether or not you could benefit from playing them.

What are the most frequent Mega Millions numbers?

The term hot numbers refers to the numbers that are played the most in a particular lottery over time. As you might expect, cold numbers refer to the opposite - numbers that have been played the least.

People have differing ideas about hot and cold numbers. Some feel that there is some sort of luck attached to the most frequent Mega Millions numbers. Others think its smartest to play the coldest numbers because those are the ones that are most "overdue" to be drawn. Either way, here the most frequent Mega Millions numbers to date:

Mega Millions
Mega Millions

And here are the least common Mega Millions numbers:

Mega Millions
Mega Millions

What's the most common Mega Ball number?

The importance of hot and cold numbers extends beyond just the regular winning numbers. You can't win the jackpot without the Mega Ball, so it makes sense that people would also be interested in tracking the most frequent Mega Ball numbers drawn:

Mega Millions
Mega Millions

What are Mega Millions's most common pairs?

If you're interested in the hottest numbers, you'll probably also be interested in Mega Millions's most common pairs.

Mega Millions's hottest pairs are the numbers that show up together in draws most frequently. The following are Mega Millions's most common pairs:

Mega Millions
Mega Millions

Do hot and cold numbers actually matter?

It's hard not to feel like hot and cold Mega Millions numbers have some sort of effect on which numbers will get drawn in the future.

However, that doesn't change the fact that all numbers and number combinations still have an equal chance of being drawn.

That doesn't mean that hot and cold numbers don't make for great trivia, and it's also a great way of picking your lucky numbers!

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Interested in playing hot numbers? Cold numbers?

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