Top 6 Best Texas Lottery Ads

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and it turns out that’s true not just of lottery jackpots but also of lottery ads. The Texas Lottery keeps on putting out great ads that make our state proud. Some are funny and some have great music, but all are worth a watch. So in between playing for the Powerball jackpot and finding out the draw results you can go through our six favorite lottery ads from the Lone Star State.

1. All that Cash

4. Powerball Is Here

2. Elephant in the Room

5. Don't Forget the Megaplier

3. Jackpot

6. Better than Ever

1. All that Cash - Musical parody lotto ad

Beginning with a musical treat, this Texas Lottery ad borrows its tune from a musical named after a city pretty far from Texas: Chicago!.

Okay, so maybe this lotto ad would have been a better fit for the Illinois Lottery, but you have to admit that the ad puts on a spectacular show.

Watch the video here!

With an overdose of jazz hands and razzle dazzle, this ad reminds us that the lottery ticket in your hand could be worth a hundred grand, or even a million bucks.

2. Elephant in the Room - Lottery advertisement with crazy special effects

This lottery advertisement is one Texans may recognize from years ago — if you’ve seen it we doubt you’d be able to forget it.

Watch the video here!

The Texas Lottery hired a visual effects team to bring a computer generated talking elephant to life. Turns out the talking elephant is a great spokesperson for the Texas Lottery’s blockbuster prizes — who’d have guessed?

3. Jackpot - Super catchy lotto jingle

Any Texans lucky enough to have already heard this jingle will definitely remember it. Once this hummable tune gets stuck in your head, you’ll have better chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot than forgetting it.

Watch the video here!

This little ditty from back in the day was written to get Texans in the mood for all the jackpots only the Texas Lottery has to offer, like Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step, but it’s also a great anthem for Texas’s biggest lottery winners.

4. Powerball Is Here! - Texas's best Powerball ad

Capturing the spirit of the Wild West, this Powerball ad is a love letter to Texas and it's amazing how much of our big state they manage to fit into 30 seconds.

Watch the video here!

In it you'll see rural life, cowboys, small towns, and more, but the real star of the ad is the big red Powerball travelling through the entire Lone Star State. It’s a lovely image, but if you want to know the true story behind it you can check out our interesting facts about Powerball in Texas.

5. Don't Forget the Megaplier! - Texas's best Mega Millions ads

Just like the Megaplier, this entry gets you two Mega Millions ads for the price of one. These commercials are short and sweet with one important message: don’t forget the Megaplier!

Watch the video here!

Trust us, you don’t want to end up like the guy in the ad and win a Mega Millions prize only to realize you forgot to multiply your prizes by up to five times! When you’re purchasing Mega Millions tickets on theLotter Texas the Megaplier option is just a simple click — so don’t forget!

6. Better than Ever - Cash Five commercial

We’re going to end not with the biggest lottery, but the one with the best odds. With the best winning odds in the entire state and draws six days a week, Texas Cash Five is more than worthy of a great jingle.

Watch the video here!

This Cash Five commercial does not disappoint, with a great tune about a little lottery with big winnings. Hopefully the lottery’s amazing 1 in 7 odds of winning a prize will soon give you something to sing about, too!

What will your lottery story be?

Watching these great lottery ads is only half the fun. With theLotter Texas it’s easier than ever to take part in the Texas Lottery by purchasing lottery tickets online!