What Are the Most Common Powerball Numbers?

Updated January 4, 2023

The most common Powerball numbers are those that come up most frequently in Powerball draws. Read this informative page to find out what they are. Perhaps you use them on your ticket with hopes that they will be drawn again. Or you can choose instead to use numbers that are infrequently drawn, with hopes that overdue numbers will soon be selected.

Whether you have a number-picking strategy or not, knowing the frequency of Powerball numbers might just give you some ideas when you fill out your Texas Lottery ticket.

Which Numbers Come up Most Often in Powerball Draws?

The numbers in Powerball are drawn randomly, with each number having an equal chance of being selected, but there are some numbers which seem to come up more often than others. And at the same time, it seems that there are some numbers which are rarely drawn.

Let’s look at the past to see if there are statistics to prove this.

The following table shows how many times some of the Powerball numbers have been drawn in the 828 draws that took place between October 7, 2015, and January 2, 2023.

Number(s) Times Drawn









36 / 69


23 / 59 / 62






What about the additional Powerball number? In those same draws, the number '24' came up 45 times, and '18' was drawn 42 times. In comparison, the number '23' was only drawn as the Powerball number 22 times.

It definitely seems that some numbers are chosen more frequently than others!

This information, by the way, can be found on the Texas Lottery website and is updated after every Powerball draw.

What Are the Hot and Cold Powerball Numbers?

In the lottery world, ‘hot numbers’ are those that come up frequently in draws whereas ‘cold numbers’ are those that are rarely drawn.

Another way to define ‘hot lottery numbers’ is to say that they are those chosen in recent draws whereas ‘cold lottery numbers’ haven’t been drawn in a long time. In this logic, the winning numbers from the latest draw would be considered the hottest Powerball numbers.

We've seen the latest hot Powerball numbers as shown in the table above, so now let’s take a look at the cold Powerball numbers. Let's check how infrequently some of them have been drawn in the 828 draws that took place between October 7, 2015 and January 2, 2023.

Number(s) Times Drawn



13 / 34




46 / 49


24 / 35


What Are the Most Common Powerball Pairs?

Powerball fanatics who enjoy digging into number selection statistics may want to consider the most common Powerball pairs of main numbers. The table below shows pairs of numbers that have come up frequently in all-time Powerball draws:

Numbers Times Drawn Together

15 & 27


9 & 23


15 & 26


20 & 42


32 & 41


Those same Powerball fanatics may also want to consider the most common Powerball triplets (7, 15, & 36), or even the most common Powerball quadruplets (17, 47, 60, & 61). If statistics provide you any sort of guidance, you could also consider consecutive pairs (21 & 22), and consecutive triplets (62, 63, 64) that have come up in Powerball draws over the years.

But will knowing Powerball statistics guarantee your chances of winning the next Powerball jackpot? No!

What Are the Most Likely Numbers to Win the Powerball Jackpot?

If you’re expecting that a review of the most commonly drawn Powerball numbers will provide you with clues how to select your numbers for the next draw, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

No assumptions can or should be made. It's an interesting Powerball fact that in every single Powerball draw, all numbers have an equal chance of being drawn, no matter what their past history may be!

It’s exactly the same logic as a coin toss. If in the toss ‘heads’ comes up nine times in a row, what is the likely result of the tenth toss? In a coin-flipping game, ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ have equal chances of being tossed in every single draw, no matter what came before.

Texas Lottery Powerball ticket

What Is Your Strategy for Picking Powerball Numbers?

While many players may think they can enhance their odds of winning Powerball by choosing the most common Powerball numbers, in reality, every single ticket has an equal chance of winning, no matter what numbers have been picked in the past.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with food for thought. You’ll have some things to consider as you fill out the numbers on your Texas Lottery Powerball ticket. If you’re playing the lottery online in the next draw, good luck!

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