Seguin Player Wins a $25,000 Cash Five Jackpot Online!

Playing online may have changed Robert Buffington’s lottery luck after his numbers matched the $25,000 jackpot playing Cash Five shortly after joining theLotter Texas! When we told him the great news, he was just as excited as we were and confessed that he already has plans for his Cash Five winnings.

“First time I’ve ever won anything from the lottery!”

Less than a month after buying his first online lottery ticket, Seguin player Robert Buffington landed himself a $25,000 Cash Five jackpot on April 2, 2022. This win was also an exciting milestone for theLotter Texas, as Buffington is our first Texas Cash Five jackpot prize winner in the Lone Star State.

During our phone call, Buffington confessed that he’s won the lottery before, but like most, never anything more than $3.00 or so. So it’s not surprising that he found it hard to conceive that the entire $25,000 Cash Five jackpot was all his!


"I looked at my account, and I’m saying “That can’t be right”. I wouldn’t have believed that.”

Watch what Robert Buffington had to say about winning a $25,000 Cash Five jackpot online:

Apparently, You Really Can Reap What You Sow!

All it took to match the top prize was a single Cash Five ticket and the five winning numbers, which were 6, 8, 13, 16, and 23. It also didn’t hurt that he decided to play a lottery that gave him a great chance at winning!

Cash Five is a small daily draw that packs a punch with some of the best odds in Texas and a $25,000 jackpot that players have a chance of winning Monday through Saturday. While that may not sound like a lot, you’re much more likely to win it several times over compared to a Powerball jackpot, or even a third-place prize!

A Great Way to Spend Winnings

Robert knew the answer right away when we asked how he’d spend his winnings. He'll be investing it in his business. Broken farm equipment can cost a pretty penny to repair, so this jackpot prize came just in time!


“It's great because I have a piece of equipment I’m trying to repair and I didn’t have the money. This will come in very handy! It is a big benefit for me to be home and do my picks when I want them and as I want them!”


Owning a farm means Robert is sometimes too busy to go out and buy a lottery ticket in person, so after seeing an advertisement for theLotter Texas, he decided to try his luck at playing his favorite state lotteries online - and it paid off in more than one way!

When asked if he would continue buying lottery tickets online with theLotter Texas, he immediately replied, “Yes, I will!”. Players like Robert are the reason our service exists - to make playing and winning your favorite lotteries easy, accessible, and convenient.


“I saw the advertisement and I said, well I’m going to check it out because it’s a lot more easier than going to the store, retaining the ticket, and this way I could do everything online and have everything checked and have everybody else doing my dirty work for me and my running around”

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