Play Texas Cash Five Lottery Online

How to Play Cash Five  Online

How Do You Play Texas Cash Five?

Play in the next Cash Five Texas lottery draw by selecting five main numbers from a field of 35. Cash Five is a popular pick among Texan lottery fans for its frequent draws and fantastic odds of winning them!

Pick your numbers manually, or try our Quick Pick feature which will automatically assign you a set of totally random numbers. If you have a set of favorite numbers, feel free to save them as your Lucky Numbers so you can easily enter them at the click of a button!

Cash Five Texas lottery drawings are held six times a week, every Monday to Saturday at 10:12 p.m. CST.

How to Win Cash Five Online

How Can You Win Texas Cash Five Lottery Prizes?

You can win the Cash Five jackpot prize if the 5 numbers on your ticket matches the 5 winning numbers selected at the darw. At each draw, the jackpot prize is reset to $25,000.You can also claim amazing secondary prizes when you match 2, 3, or 4 numbers.

Cash Five Texas gives you the best chance of taking one home. The odds of winning the Cash Five jackpot prize are set at just 1:324,632!

Check out the latest Cash Five results to find out if you're a winner!

Can You Buy Cash Five Texas Lottery Tickets Online?

Can You Buy Cash Five Texas Lottery Tickets Online?

Buying Cash Five tickets online in Texas has never been easier thanks to theLotter Texas! Using our ticket messenger service lets you play some of Texas’ biggest draws with official tickets from anywhere in the state.
Just fill in your Cash Five entry with your favourite numbers and finalize your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox as well as a scan of the official ticket in your private account before the draw once it’s been purchased on your behalf by our local agent. These will serve as proof of your ticket ownership and participation in the draw.

How Do You Claim Your Texas Cash Five Prizes?

How Do You Claim Prizes When You Buy Texas Cash Five Tickets Online?

Whenever you win any sort of prize, be it jackpot or any other second-tier prize, theLotter Texas will send you an automated email confirmation to inform you of your win. All Cash 5 Texas prizes up to $600 will be paid directly into your account on theLotter Texas soon after they are received from the Texas Lottery Commission. All Cash Five Texas prizes over $600 will need to be collected in person. Whenever you win at theLotter Texas, your prize will be paid out totally commission-free, meaning all your winnings after taxes are 100% yours! Learn more about how your Texas Lottery prize will be taxed here.

theLotter Texas's Texas Cash Five Winners

theLotter Texas's Texas Cash Five Winners