Lottery Bundles Combine a Personal Entry with Pool Lines

Lottery Bundles, available exclusively at theLotter Texas, are tailor-made package deals that let you participate in a lottery draw by selecting your own numbers in a personal entry while at the same time playing a huge number of lines in an odds-boosting Lottery Pool. The best of both worlds!

How Lottery Bundles Work

When you play the lottery with a Bundle, you are getting the best of both worlds. You choose your numbers yourself in a Personal Entry, giving you a chance at winning a huge jackpot prize entirely on your own, and at the same time you boost your odds with a large number of lines by being part of a Lottery Pool.

Lottery Bundles are a one-click combo—you make one simple purchase of a cost-effective package deal, save a lot of money, and you’re good to go!

All you need to do is choose which Bundle to play and we'll do the rest!

Why Buy a Lottery Bundle?

  • Play with your own lucky numbers in a Personal Entry.
  • Play more lines with a Lottery Pool; pay less.
  • Boost your odds of winning with a tailor-made package deal!

What is a Personal Entry?

When you purchase a standard lottery ticket on your own, considered a personal entry, you fill in your Lucky Numbers manually or use a random quick pick selection. This is something you can’t do with a regular Lottery Pool, which plays a large number of lines with pre-selected numbers.

What is a Lottery Pool?

A lottery pool, also known as a lottery syndicate, is a group of family members, coworkers, or friends who gather their money to buy loads of lottery tickets together, increasing everybody’s chance of winning, at a very low cost. You can play in theLotter Texas’s online pools, without the hassle of setting up the pool yourself!

What happens if your Lottery Bundle wins the jackpot?

First of all, congratulations! If you win the jackpot with your Personal Entry, the entire prize is yours! In this case, you will need to claim the prize yourself at Texas Lottery headquarters. theLotter Texas will coordinate with you how you will receive your winning ticket.

If one of the Lottery Pool’s lines wins the jackpot, you will receive a percentage of the prize based on how many shares you have in the pool.

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According to Texas Lottery rules, “the Texas Lottery Commission will pay only one claimant per ticket. A ‘claimant’ can be an individual, a trust, a partnership, a corporation, or any other legal entity.” With regards to a big lottery win, including a jackpot, the winning ticket was purchased by theLotter Texas on behalf of all the members of the pool. Acting on the group’s behalf, theLotter Texas will assist in the win collection process. theLotter Texas will make sure that each and every member of the lottery pool receives their share of the prize money.

Please note: All Texas Lottery prizes are paid out after the deduction of taxes where relevant.

For more information, click to read what you need to know about Lottery Pools.

Understanding Lottery Bundles

All Lottery Bundles available on theLotter Texas include one Personal Entry ticket and at least one Pool share. However, not all Lottery Bundles are exactly the same. The makeup of a Bundle depends on the specific lottery. Some lotteries offer no option to purchase a Bundle.

There are three types of Lottery Bundles. What differentiates Classic Bundles from Deluxe or Premium Packages is that the latter offer more Pool Lines and therefore more chances to win prizes. Classic Bundles generally offer shares to smaller pools, while Deluxe and Premium Bundles often contain shares in one or two larger pools with a greater number of lines. You can check the exact makeup of each Bundle by clicking “More Details”.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lottery Bundles

Is it legal?

Yes! According to the Texas Lottery, “players may play as a group though only one individual or legal entity may claim a prize.” On its website, the Texas Lottery lists a number of recommendations for group lottery play. These recommendations include putting the group’s agreement in writing; listing the names of all of the participants; and noting the amount each person contributed and the total amount spent to purchase the tickets. This is not relevant when you play lottery bundles online at theLotter Texas — we do all the work for you!

What are the advantages of purchasing a Bundle?

A Lottery Bundle is made up of two distinct parts—a Personal Entry and Pool lines. By purchasing a Bundle, you are getting the best of both worlds. You get to play your own lucky numbers while at the same time you’re boosting your winning odds by playing a huge number of lines. This package deal combining the two gives you a great way to play the lottery at a very low cost.

How is a Bundle different from a Pool?

The main difference between a Bundle and a Pool is the Personal Entry that is included in a Bundle. This entry is made up of your own selection of numbers. In a lottery pool, on the other hand, there is no possibility for you to select numbers for the entries that will participate in the draw. Another difference is that there are some Bundles that offer, in addition to the Personal Entry, participation in the lines of more than one pool.

What happens if not all the Pool shares in the Bundle are purchased?

theLotter Texas will purchase all participating lines in the lottery pool that are included in the Bundle, regardless of how many shares are actually sold, at no extra cost to you. Your shares in the Bundle’s pool, the total number of lines played, and the division of any prizes won are unaffected by the number of shares actually sold in the pool. When you purchase a Bundle, your participation in the draw is guaranteed.

What happens when you win?

theLotter Texas will notify you of any wins and will ensure that you receive your prizes swiftly. Any wins resulting from your Personal Entry in the Bundle will be yours entirely, while you’ll get a share of any winnings that are part of the Lottery Pool lines included in the Bundle.