Lottery Syndicates Can Boost Your Odds of Winning – Here’s How

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate, also known as a lottery pool, is a group of family members, coworkers, or friends who gather their money to buy loads of lottery tickets together, increasing everybody’s chance to win at a lower cost.
You can play the biggest lotteries online in theLotter Texas syndicates. By participating in a lottery syndicate, you’ll be playing lottery draws with up to hundreds of lines at a time. This means that you have a chance to win from multiple prize categories, significantly increasing your winnings. All of this without the hassle of setting up the syndicate yourself!

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Why Play Lottery Syndicates?

Play more lines; pay less.

Boost your odds of winning the jackpot.

Purchase your shares; we’ll do the rest!

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How Does It Work?

You can join online lottery syndicates at theLotter Texas to play the most popular lotteries in Texas. Various syndicates are available for the different lotteries on our site, so choose the one you want to play. Decide how many syndicate shares you wish to buy and we’ll purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of the entire group. By being part of a lottery syndicate, you’ll be playing the lottery with a large number of lines, at a much more affordable cost than if you had purchased the lines by yourself.


Is It Legal?

Yes! According to the Texas Lottery, “players may play as a group though only one individual or legal entity may claim a prize.” On its website, the Texas Lottery lists a number of recommendations for group lottery play. These recommendations include putting the group’s agreement in writing; listing the names of all of the participants; and noting the amount each person contributed and the total amount spent to purchase the tickets. This is not relevant when you play lottery pools online at theLotter Texas – we do all the work for you!

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How Do You Get Your Prize Money?

When one or more of your syndicate’s lines win, theLotter Texas will notify you and make sure that you will receive your prize. Your prize money will be determined by how many shares you own in the syndicate. If you have, for example, 2 shares of a syndicate with 50 shares, you are entitled to 4% of the syndicate’s prizes.

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What Happens if Your Syndicate Wins

First of all, congratulations! According to Texas Lottery rules, “the Texas Lottery Commission will pay only one claimant per ticket. A ‘claimant’ can be an individual, a trust, a partnership, a corporation, or any other legal entity.” With regards to a big lottery win, including a jackpot, the winning ticket was purchased by theLotter Texas on behalf of all the members of the syndicate. Acting on the group’s behalf, theLotter Texas will assist in the win collection process. Your prize money will be determined by how many shares you own in the syndicate. theLotter Texas will make sure that each and every member of the lottery syndicate receives their share of the prize money. Please note: Prizes are paid out after deduction of taxes where relevant.

Understanding Lottery Syndicates

Lines Each line of a syndicate’s participation in a lottery draw is a unique combination of numbers, just like a standard ticket. In a 100-line syndicate, for example, there are 100 unique number combinations. Participating in this syndicate gives you 100 chances of winning the lottery’s jackpot.


Shares You join a Texas lottery syndicate on theLotter Texas by deciding how many shares you wish to purchase. Each syndicate on our site indicates how many shares are left out of the total that were available.


Prizes When one (or more) of the syndicate’s lines wins a lottery prize, that prize is divided up equally between all of the shares. The more shares you have, the larger the portion of the lottery prizes that you win.

The Different Types of Syndicates

Each of the syndicates available on theLotter Texas clearly indicates how many lines are included and the syndicate type which determined how the numbers were selected on those lines.

Syndicates Ballons

Random Selection

In this type of syndicate, the numbers are chosen at random for a fixed number of lines.


A systematic syndicate’s lines cover all probable unique combinations out of a given set of 7-14 numbers. These numbers are chosen at random.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed

The lines on a syndicate of this type contain every possible combination of the lottery’s additional number(s). This method of number selection guarantees that the syndicate will match the additional number(s) at least once. All other numbers on the lines are selected randomly.

Guaranteed Number Match

Each line in a Guaranteed Number Match syndicate contains one changing number. This dynamic number spans the entire guess range of the lottery. As a result, the syndicate will match at least one of the numbers drawn – guaranteed! All other numbers are chosen at random.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick my own numbers for a lottery syndicate?


No. The numbers on a syndicate’s lines are pre-selected when the syndicate is created by theLotter Texas. You can view the participating numbers on each of the lines in advance when deciding which syndicate to join.


What happens if not all syndicate shares are purchased?


theLotter Texas will purchase all participating lines in a lottery syndicate before the draw, regardless of how many shares are actually sold, at no extra cost to you. Your shares in the syndicate, the total number of lines played, and the division of any prizes won are unaffected by the number of shares actually sold in the syndicate. When you purchase shares in a lottery syndicate, your participation in the draw is guaranteed.


How does a syndicate give me better odds of winning the jackpot?


When you participate in a lottery draw, your ticket has just as much of a chance at winning the jackpot as any other ticket. To improve your chances, you can buy a second ticket but to really boost the odds of winning, you would need to buy 100 tickets, or more. Purchasing that many tickets can be quite expensive. By joining a syndicate, you are playing the lottery with a large number of tickets, without having to pay as much as if you had purchased all the tickets by yourself. The more lines you play, the better your odds of winning a lottery prize.