San Antonian Wins $100,000 Powerball Prize!

What would you do if you were $100,000 richer? Our lucky winner J.W. from San Antonio revealed that it was a “good surprise” when representatives from theLotter called to inform him that he had won $100,000 in the February 11, 2024 Powerball draw. Read J.W.’s incredible story below and get inspired for your own prize-winning journey!

There’s No Better Surprise Than a Good Surprise

It’s every lottery player’s dream to get “The Call”. So, imagine J.W.’s shock when he received a phone call from theLotter one afternoon asking why he hadn’t responded to his win, and he didn’t know that he had won.


“Actually, and honestly, it was disbelief. I had never won anything more than $8 on the lottery, so I was very surprised about this.”

J.W. had matched Powerball’s 3rd prize division in the February 11th draw, and thanks to the addition of Power Play to his entry, his $50,000 prize was doubled!

A Quick Way to Winnings

J.W. struck gold using the Quick Pick feature on theLotter for a generated set of random numbers “It was Quick Pick, so for that reason I consider myself extremely lucky.”

The winning numbers from the Powerball draw on February 11, 2024 were 27 - 28 - 34 - 37 - 44 with the Powerball number being 8. J.W. was able to successfully match four of the main numbers and the Powerball number. With just one more correct number, he could have won the $269 million jackpot!

Power Play Doubles His Prize

While his winning numbers might have been pure luck, J.W.'s decision to add the Power Play feature to his Powerball ticket led to his prize going from great to extraordinary. His third-place prize was doubled from $50,000 to $100,000!

At theLotter Texas, you can add the Power Play multiplier whenever you play Powerball. Simply check the Power Play box in the left-hand corner of your online entry, and you are on your way to boosted winnings!

Benefits of Going Digital

After looking for an easier way to buy his favorite lottery tickets, J.W. googled ‘online lottery’ and discovered theLotter Texas. J.W. quickly saw the advantages of ordering his Powerball tickets on the site.


“It’s kind of a funny thing, but the big benefit is that I don’t have to go down to the gas station or convenience store and drag a ticket around with me and then look it up online. theLotter tells me if I’m a winner or not and after this experience I'm going to pay more attention to theLotter than I did in the past.”


Our lucky winner says that his experience playing online with theLotter Texas has been great so far and confirmed that he will continue to buy his Texas Lottery tickets with us. Good luck to him in his future draws!

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