Beware of Lottery Scams

Have you ever gotten an email suggesting that you won a big lottery prize such as a Texas Lottery jackpot? Perhaps the letter comes from a company identifying itself as a well-known business entity. If this mail asks for your personal details and/or that you pay a fee to collect your winnings, it’s a clear sign that the mail is fraudulent. You should stay clear of such phishing scams!

Neither theLotter Texas nor the Texas Lottery Commission would ever ask for a payment in order to collect your lottery winnings. In addition, the Texas Lottery Commission would never contact you by mail informing you of a lottery win.

Rest assured, when theLotter Texas notifies you by email or SMS that you have won a lottery prize, you can log in to your account and verify the winning notification yourself.

At theLotter Texas, we are committed to protecting the privacy and personal details of our players. That is why we actively inform our customers about these schemes to create awareness. Your private account, including all the information you provided upon registration and when making payments, is safe and secure.

If you didn’t play the lottery, you can’t win the lottery!

It’s a simple fact: If you didn’t buy a ticket or participate in a lottery draw, there’s no chance that you’ve won. Any message sounding too good to be true or suggesting that “you have been randomly selected” is a fraudulent claim.

Tips how to stay clear of lottery scams

  • Be suspicious of any out-of-the-blue contact, either by email, phone, or text, suggesting that you've won the lottery.

  • Never click on links in unsolicited emails.

  • Delete any mails that raise your suspicions.

  • Do not make phone calls to verify a suspicious lottery win.

  • Never give out your personal details, bank account/credit card information, or Social Security number over the internet, or to unfamiliar people.

  • Never pay a fee to someone for collecting a prize on your behalf.

  • Never purchase a ‘winning ticket’ from a stranger, or agree to collect a prize on their behalf.

  • Beware of claims on social media made by so-called jackpot winners inviting you to share their prize money.

For more information how to steer clear of scams, please see these tips from the Texas Lottery Commission.

Don’t fall victim to a lottery scam

We urge you to take caution and make every effort to prevent yourself from falling victim to a lottery scam. We strongly suggest that you report any attempted scam to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP or online at the FTC Consumer Information website or to your state attorney general.