Texas Lottery Mega Millions Draw Results

Winning Numbers

  • 10172350673

Prize Breakdown

With Multiplier

Lottery Information

Guess Range 5/70 + Mega Ball 1/25
Multiplier Prizes Multiply any non-jackpot prize amount won by 2, 3, 4 or 5, depending on the Megaplier number drawn.
Offered In Texas, USA
(Local time)
Jackpot Type CASH

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
5+1 Mega Ball 1:302,575,350
5 1:12,607,306
4+1 Mega Ball 1:931,001
4 1:38,792
3+1 Mega Ball 1:14,547
3 1:606
2+1 Mega Ball 1:693
1+1 Mega Ball 1:89
0+1 Mega Ball 1:37
Are You a Mega Millions Jackpot Winner?

Are You a Mega Millions Jackpot Winner?

To find out if you’ve won a Mega Millions jackpot, simply compare your 5 main numbers and the additional Mega Ball to the official winning numbers selected in the draw. If the numbers match, you’ve just become a Mega Millions jackpot winner! In addition to the jackpot, this incredible lottery has 8 additional prize divisions. So even if you only have a partial match, you still have the chance at being a Mega Millions winner.

Get Free Notifications of Mega Millions Results

Get Free Notifications of Mega Millions Results

Can’t wait to see the latest results? Think you might be the next jackpot winner? theLotter Texas has your back! Our FREE service will notify you about the latest Mega Millions results and your winnings by SMS/emails. Sign up for this feature in personal account under “Notifications” and “Alerts” to start getting notifications for all your favorite lottery results and your lottery winnings!

Biggest Mega Millions Winners in Texas

Biggest Mega Millions Winners in Texas

The biggest Mega Millions jackpot claimed to date by a resident of Texas was $177 million in the draw on March 31, 2017. Winner Eliberto Cantu, a 71-year-old construction worker from Abernathy, won this enormous prize with a ticket he purchased across the state line in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Other notable Mega Millions winners in Texas include William R Kiefer, a resident of Katy, who won a $144 million jackpot on January 29, 2010. Kiefer generously decided to donate 60% of his winnings to charity, including the care of retired Catholic nuns. In a draw held on July 6, 2007, a $128 million Mega Millions jackpot was claimed by the H & H Trust of Dallas.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot of all time was the $1.537 billion prize won by a single ticket purchased in South Carolina for the draw on October 23rd, 2018. There is no doubt that there are many huge Mega Millions jackpots ahead in the years to come. How long will it be until you claim a huge lottery prize?