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What is a Bundle?


Bundles are lottery packages which combine a Personal Entry Ticket with Lottery Pool shares, giving you an increased chance of winning prizes with group play while also letting you play your own personal numbers.

Personal Entry Ticket - Pick your own Lucky Numbers and any prizes you win with this ticket are yours entirely.

Lottery Pool Shares - With Lottery Pools you play a large number of lines in a lottery draw and increase your odds of winning.

Every Bundle is tailor-made. The number of lines, and the number and type of Lottery Pools vary depending on the lottery and Bundle.


Why should I buy a Bundle?


Playing Bundles give you the best of both worlds: a customizable Personal Entry ticket combined with the odds-boosting power of group play (Lottery Pool).

Bundles can save you a great deal of time and money. Rather than buying various types of entries separately you get a great package deal: a savings combination, tailor-made for theLotter Texas players.

Prizes won through the Personal Entry ticket are all yours while prizes won with the Lottery Pool are shared with fellow lottery pool participants.


Can I select my own numbers?


Yes, you can select your own numbers on the Personal Entry ticket which is included as part of your Bundle. The Lottery Pool's numbers were preselected randomly when the Bundle was set up and those you cannot change.


How are the prizes divided and paid out?


Prize money for Bundles is paid out shortly after the prize has been received from the official lottery operator.

Any prize money you won with your Personal Entry ticket is yours in its entirety.

Lottery Pool wins are divided up equally among shareholders and you will receive your share of the prizes.

Your total prize money is equal to your Personal Entry wins and your Lottery Pool wins combined. Prize money is credited directly to your personal account.


Can I Subscribe or get a Multi-Draw Package for a Bundle?


You can either purchase a Bundle once or opt for a Multi-Draw package for 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws to ensure that you never miss a draw. Bundle subscriptions are not currently available!

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